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Giordano Makholm

300 kr. for 60 min.


  Hjem: 2000 Frederiksberg




Personlig beskrivelse

I'm a 25 year old from Paris, born into a family of pianists. I currently perform at NIMB bar in Tivoli on weekends and in jam sessions throughout Copenhagen. I've studied at multiple Parisian conservatories including the Bill Evans piano academy and the conservatoire du 9ème arrondissement. Three years ago, I moved to Denmark for all the cliché reasons and have no plan of every moving back! I've passed all of my Danish exams and feel comfortable teaching in Danish. 

Half American, half Italian, I'm also prepared to teach in all three languages.

I've just graduated from a Master program at CBS but have been spending a lot of time at the instrument in the recent months.

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Uddannelse og baggrund

I've been teaching private piano lessons to children as well as adults since I graduated from high school back in 2011. I've had to identify the different challenges of teaching and interacting with children in comparison to adults: the former needing a bond with a teacher, someone to look up to. Adults, on the other hand seem to require a clearly defined and coherent progress plan.

One of the most rewarding teaching experiences was the elaboration of a small concert at the end of the school year with my youngest students. This occured when I still lived in Paris, each student played at least one tune in front of each others friends and families, most were terrified beforehand but all performed very well. I hope to duplicate such an event once I get enough students!

Most of my experience is in the teaching of jazz. However, I have also taught a more classical repertoire, especially in the case of beginners.

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