Jelle Meeze

200 kr.   60 min.


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Personlig beskrivelse

Hey there fellow music lover!

I`m a Belgian musician studying at the RMC Copenhagen.
I love the bass guitar !!! But I equally enjoy playing guitar and singing or making ambient music on my laptop.

Are you ready for an adventure? In my lessons there is no room for boring stuff. Instead, I`ll show you the music you already have inside!
Be ready to be surprised, about yourself, about the music, about the world .. To be inspired or not to be, that is the question!

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Uddannelse og baggrund

I`ve been teaching for six years now, both as a private teacher, in music schools and on summer camps. 
My focus is on creativity and personal development, I will teach you how to teach yourself! 
I want you to grow strong and independent, so that you can inspire the people around you.

Why do I only ask 200dkk an hour? Because life is already expensive as it is, I want to teach you because I like to.
In fact, if you just want to have a free chat over some coffee, that`s fine for me too!

Are you ready to start playing music? 
Are you eager to develop your ear and musical sensibility?
Would you like to learn about music theory and philosophy?
Too stressed to stand on stage?
Are you looking to apply for a higher education in music?

I`m all yours

We can set up a weekly routine or an intensive weekend course, my flexibility is at your command!

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