Karlis Auzins

250 kr.   60 min.


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Personlig beskrivelse

I have a several year experiance teaching both beginners and more advanced students. We can work on getting good sound/ tone, technique, knoweledge about how to play in certain style (jazz, RnB, Funk, Soul, pop etc), Improvisation (any instrument) as well as get deep knoweledge about harmony and music theory in general. I do also band coaching and have a lot of experience in that field. The material we work on in lessons depends on individual needs and expectations. I play also flute and clarinet.

All level students are welcome starting from beginner to advanced. 

Summary: I teach saxophone (flute/clarinet), Improvisation, Music theory and Ensemble playing.

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Uddannelse og baggrund

 Graduated from Conservatory of Amsterdam Bachelor in Jazz, currently studying Masters degree in Music Performance at RMC. Have a very long experiance being activly performing musician starting from classical music to Jazz and Contemporary improvised music. For 2 years have been co- leading a brass band and more lately being part of different different projects and bands in Jazz/ Improvised music as well as pop.

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