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My name is William, am just under 30 years old, and an active working freelance musician. I am now based in the Copenhagen Area. My current students would describe me as a very knowledgable, caring, and an involved teacher. I am willing to teach in any postcode in Copenhagen.

Professionally I have worked with some of the premier orchestras and chamber groups in Great Britain such as the Orchestra of the Royal Opera House, the Brighton Philharmonic, The Gabrieli Consort, and His Majesties Sagbutts and Cornetts. Besides this, I have led a very active teaching life in London which I have outlined before you below.

My teaching style is very flexible, and tailored specifically to the student at hand. I have experience teaching all ages (although this would have to be in English), starting from about 5 years old for the piano and 7/8 for brass. I would be most happy to also incorporate Music Theory & Ear Training into the lessons as well as per request. I think music making should be fun, and when learned with a great technique and appreciation for what you are doing it can definitely be one of the most satisfying things you can do.

I have been teaching mainly the Trombone, Piano, and the Recorder. My style is very flexible and based on my students need.

Private Tuition (2003 - Present)

  • Private trombone tutor to pupils all ages - including graded ABRSM Exams
  • Piano tutor to all level pupils, children and adults - including graded ABRSM Exams
  • Ear training and music theory taught in conjunction with the lessons as appropriate

School Teaching:

Trombone + Group (All Levels)

Piano + Group (All Levels)

Recorder + Group & Whole Class (Beginner - Intermediate Levels)

Experience with Beginner Brass Groups

Tri-Borough Music Service London (2011 - 2013)

Richmond Music Trust London (2011 - 2013)

Preston Manor Music Academy (Saturday School)(2011 - 2012)(telefon skjult)(telefon skjult)

  • Developed basic musicianship skills
  • Tailored repertoire, and activities where necessary for the appropriate level and age of the children/group to feel as if they are making music from the very start of their lessons
  • Captured and developed the natural enthusiasm for early ensemble performance and playing skills
  • Experienced in teaching “Whole Class Instrumental Groups”
  • Differentiated and separated ability groups for children to optimize class sessions
  • Incorporated use of musical games, especially with lower ability groups to help reinforce basic fundamentals
  • Provided and prepared performances for gifted and talented children and full class participants

Music Makers (1st Grade After School Learning)(telefon skjult)(telefon skjult)- 2013

  • Taught and encouraged children to explore rhythms and melodies as well as helping their parents develop the skills to gain the confidence necessary to experiment in music making with their children.
  • Helped introduce children to a wide range of instruments (depending on the session), to give them an idea of what sounds they can make, what they can do musically, and to let them have a close up look.
  • Taught children through interactive and fun games, to help learn songs, rhythm and differences in pitch and timbre.
  • Through song, rhythm, & art, help children open their musical ears, develop social skills, self-confidence and an enthusiasm for performing and for learning about music.
  • Help develop early ensemble skills through learning alongside their friends

Young Person’s and New Generation Orchestras - Coach & Mentor (2010 - 2013)

  • Mentors school students from the three central boroughs in London playing in orchestral ensembles
  • Lead rehearsals and conducted the orchestra to help students develop listening skills and intonation
  • Coached students further on a private basis if necessary to help improve technique
  • Played side by side with the children to help support and give them an idea what it feels like to be in an orchestra

WORKSHOP and Outreach Experience

Workshop Assistant / Leader - Royal College of Music Sparks October(telefon skjult)- 2013

  • Participated and assisted in approximately a dozen Musical Workshops led by Rachel Leach (London Symphony) and Tim Yealland (English Touring Opera) with children aged 6 through 12.
  • Helped personalize children's experiences throughout the workshops to help them work and contribute at their own pace
  • Engaged the children in a manner that sparks their creativity to help them make decisions and suggestions that impact the outcome of the workshop
  • Actively collaborated and gauged with Tim and Rachel, as well as other workshop assistants and participants during the sessions to further explore the different possible outcomes and pace of the sessions
  • Help the children cultivate a sense of freedom that helps them explore their musical ideas fully - giving them time and space to experiment with new ideas and sounds
  • Helped incorporate physical elements of engagement, besides musical ones, to help keep things practical and fun at all times
  • Workshops I have been employed for have covered a wide variety of different types of music - Chamber, Large Scale Orchestral, Tone Poems, and Opera

Pre-Concert Presenter - RCM and Rhythm for Life(telefon skjult)January(telefon skjult)- 2013

  • Presented Pre-Concert Talks at the Royal College for events designed for children, as well as adults.
  • Demonstrated a confident and friendly demeanor whilst still captivating the audience and creating excitement about what they are about to hear
  • Displayed an ability to work on a team of presenters as well as being organized and courteous to the intended audience

ETO’s - Turtle Song / Alzheimer & Dementia Program (telefon skjult)- 2013

  • Assisted Tim Yealland from ETO and Rachel Leach LSO in a ten week program for people with alzheimer’s or dementia and their companions (husbands / wives / carers) to sing and compose their own songs culminating in a performance.
  • Encouraged participants to sing, and contribute their own personal ideas into creating songs that are sung by the entire group
  • Helped stimulate physical activity for the participants to help them exercise and feel lively
  • On a personal level, performed, chatted, and had tea and biscuits with participants to help them all get to know each other better and give them an opportunity to interact with one another.
  • Program was delivered nation wide and was on going

Millichope Summer Music - Workshop Leader & Coordinator (telefon skjult)- 2012

  • Employed to lead workshops in the Shropshire Hills for several families on Holiday each summer. Ages included 4-6/6-10/11-13’s plus parents
  • Applied for and set budgets for a team of three including fees, accommodation, and travel expenses
  • Summer courses run 4 days each and after group workshops include private tuition for all of the pupils
  • Themes of the workshops have included — The Planets, Carnival of the Animals, Body & Junk Percussion, Movie Sound Tracks i.e. Indiana Jones, Superman, Jurassic Park

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Uddannelse og baggrund


Royal College of Music (Trombone)

  • MMus in Advanced Performance (2009 – 2011)
    • Supported by the Henry Wood Trust and the St. Marlybone Educational Foundation

Manhattan School of Music (Trombone & Piano)

  • BMus in Performance (2008)
    • Awarded Presidential Merit Scholarship
    • Royal College of Music (2006-2007) – Exchange Program


  • Diploma for Pre-College Studies in Music (2004)

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