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Personlig beskrivelse


I am from China and moved to Denmark this January, which is why our communication will be through English primarily.

I am married and live in Valby, close to Hvidovre station :)

I have played drums for 5 years and have played in a few small bands.

The way I will teach you, is through an electric drum set, which is fine for beginners, as I live in an apartment. If you are an intermediate, which means not a beginner, we can still talk about the options for you and your lesson. :)

Should you have a drum set yourself that you would like to practice on in your home, with my help, it can be discussed :)

I can teach different styles of drums; Rock, Blues, Pop, Jazz and a few more, so there should be something for everyone who would like to learn a specific genre or a specific song :)

The days that are open for lessons, will be primarily: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. These days, any time during the day, should be fine. However, are you interested in a lesson Tuesday or Thursday, we will have to discuss it, and see whether it's possible or not, as I am currently studying Danish those two days :)

The price, as you can see, is 150 for an hour. :)

Should you have any questions, you are welcome to contact me on my phone number or my email address. :)

Hope to hear from you and that I caught your interest.

Sincerely Dan Zhang (or my English name: Dana) :)

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Uddannelse og baggrund

I have a teachers degree from China, and through my work I have used my drumming to play around with music, with the students that I have been teaching.

I have also been playing in a few small bands in China, for a couple of years. At the moment, I am playing drums with my husband in our own little band.

I have played for an audience a couple of times, both on bars in China and for our friends and family, so I have experience in playing for other people as well, should you be interested in ideas on how to play, in front of people.

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